Customer Experience Lab: Delivering Curated Customer Experiences

CIO Vendor Technology has been evolving at an unprecedented rate. Propelling this growth forward is the Coronavirus pandemic that has accelerated the need to engage digitally and work from home. This trend has led to the increased adoption of various advancing technologies to manage agents interacting across multiple channels, anywhere anytime. This will require true omni-channel solutions as consumers, the true business growth drivers, expect better unified, consistent, and personalized experiences. Businesses will increasingly adopt cloud solutions for a quicker rollout of new functionalities, without having to maintain onpremises hardware and software. It will also lead to businesses effectively using AI to understand consumer behavior and act at scale, through personalization, prediction, and automation. However, the Indian market is new and catching up to this paradigm shift.

Their lack of knowledge, experience, right tools, and technologies is hampering the targeted business growth. The new technological solutions need to seamlessly integrate with existing solutions while also using APIs to integrate with other Cloud services, quickly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, businesses need to create a roadmap of new user experiences. All this can prove to be an arduous Task.

Customer Experience Lab, headquartered in Telangana, have the desired in-depth domain knowledge, capable team, and the right solutions to help organizations traverse the four phases of a customer experience journey (Attraction, Interaction, Acquisition, Retention). “We want to help customers on an ongoing basis and achieve true transformation. We picked Genesys as our foundation platform given its strength, flexibility, functionality and true omni-channel capability and spent the first year understanding the platform,” informs Soumya Acharya, Co-founder, Customer Experience Lab.

Soumya tells us how customers want to simplify the number of vendors they engage with and want a more cost-effective platform and so keeping this in mind, he with his team of
experts have designed their complementary and innovative platform, Sparrow. “Additionally, we have our complementary surround solutions – such as a home-grown CRM, Case Management, Omnichannel Quality Management, BI Tool and Unified Agent Desktop,” adds Soumya.

Sparrow Digital, one of the key offerings, allows agents to view interactions across 14 channels in one interface, manage workflows and an NLP multi-language AI Chatbot framework to increase automation and reduce costs. Additionally, Sparrow QM is an omnichannel quality management platform with business rules to quickly ascertain any gaps and take remedial action. Furthermore, Sparrow Unified Agent Desktop has been designed to permit agents to view all the pertinent information in one screen and assign cases tracked to completion. With intuitive BI Tool, which helps in creating multiple dashboards for different stakeholder, the data visualisation across the journey is complete.

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Gaining a Strong Market Foothold
What Soumya strongly believes sets the company apart from its competitors is that CEx Labs is not just a systems implementation partner. Once the customer is on board, the team directs its focus on the outcome and design holistically. CEx Labs ensures that this is achieved cost-effectively, quickly and with a low level of disruption. “Our low-cost base (India and Philippines) and our depth of experience make us unique. Hence, we find that even would-be competitors outsource work to us or partner with us for more complex projects,” reveals Soumya.

A recent entrant in the market, CEx Labs is already well-positioned within the national and international markets. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction, the company has successfully gone from zero to almost 40 customers across seven countries in Asia in the last three years. Soumya signs off, “Going forward, we see geographic expansion, further enhancements to Sparrow and larger wins either directly or through partners.”