Servion Global Solutions - Transforming Contact Centers into Customer Experience Management (CEM )Hu

CIO Vendor In today’s fast-paced omni-channel world, customers cannot be kept waiting for answers. Brands need to have their fingers on the pulse of the customer, anytime and anywhere. Only those that acknowledge this shift will stand a fighting chance to win customer loyalty.

Advocating proactive customer centricity, Servion Global Solutions, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) specialist, empowers enterprises with a gamut of tailor-made customer experience platforms. It caters to the needs of the digital customer during any part of their service journeys, irrespective of the channel of interaction. Currently, Servion manages over 10 billion customer interactions annually across 60 countries in 6 continents. Three out of the top 5 banks, 2 out of top 5 insurance firms and 5 out of top 10 telcos globally work with Servion to deliver a seamless customer experience.

ServIntuit is Servion’s omnichannel customer experience platform that enables enterprises to predict custom¬er’s intent based on their behavioural and transactional knowledge. Speaking on the robustness of the solution, Sameet Gupte, CEO, Servion delineates, “ServIntuit empowers enterprises with its ability to swiftly identify important phases in the customer journey and recommends the next best action that facilitates them to create proactive, positive and unified interactions across all channels.”Sameet further elucidates that the solution is designed keeping the tech savvy consumer of today who frequents different channels such as telephone, video call, email, webchat, and social media. ServIntuit integrates data across customer touch¬points with CRMs and other enterprise applications to deliver holistic and unified customer experience. ServIn-tuit, when deployed in a leading bank in the Middle East, improved Customer Identification by 30 percent and increased self-service transactions by a whopping 25 percent.

However, before an enterprise embarks on this quest for exceptional customer experience, it is imperative to strengthen the process from the roots.
Sameet Gupte says, “To optimize your customer experience operations, you will first need to identify the gap between what customers expect and what is actually delivered. You will also need to figure out if the gap is people, process or technology related. Or if it is an alignment gap caused by the interplay of these three facets within an enterprise.”

Servion’s business-consulting framework -ServDesign delivers just that. In a recent venture, the solution was successful in helping a leading Asian bank to architect its business and technology blueprint for CEM, following a detailed study of the different areas of operations. The Average Handle Time of agents was reduced by 30 seconds and the bank ended up saving USD 150,000 per annum.

Servion manages over 10 billion customer interactions annually across 60 countries in 6 continents

Servion spearheads the domain with the belief that one-size cannot possibly fit all. Taking us through Servion’s approach, Sameet Gupte says, “We help enterprises build a system of systems, by integrating our CX-Platforms along with the best of CEM solutions from multiple vendors. We strongly believe a true Customer Engagement Hub has to be custom-built in order to fit every enterprise’s unique needs.” In another venture, a telco saved more than $10 million following Servion’s services to automate their operations. Another Indian telecom giant was able to maintain a 99.99 percent uptime with Servion’s future-proof solutions. An enviable list of similar success stories only asserts Servion’s dexterity to build automation, innovation, and flexibility into the operations of contact centers.

The determined CEO affirms Servion’s vision to enable enterprises to convert individual customer touchpoints to customer journeys and help them optimize the infrastructure costs of managing their customer interaction channels. “Customer experience is rapidly outpacing product, price and quality as the key brand differentiator,” says Sameet Gupte signing off.