Trejhara Solutions: Re-defining Customer Experience and Digital Communications

CIO Vendor Globalisation, technology innovations and social customer interactions have considerably accelerated the need for software applications in the domain of digital customer engagement and customer experience. The exponential growth of data, information and interactivity is radically changing business-customer relationships.

Interact Suite as a one-stop solution provides a simplified product interface (UI) with a better user experience (UX). An easy to use and customisable toolset helps to design and deliver enterprise-wide customer communications. The product provides a web-based graphical user interface for all functions, i.e. starting with designing layouts until delivery of customer communications such as Welcome Letters, Reminders/Alerts, Data Input Forms & KYC, Bills/Statements/Policy Kits, Receipts/Notices/Advices & Trans-Promotional Offers/Personalised Audio-Visual Advertisements, Bill/Statement Walkthroughs and many more.

Communications are delivered across channels such as Mobile, Print, Kiosk, Email, SMS and WhatsApp (Viber and WeChat). It provides data consistency across customer communications by following uniform styles, branding, structures, dynamic content, and more.

Digital Communications & Customer Experience is the Prime Focus of Enterprises today. While 81 percent of consumers view and engage with their organisation through digital devices, 66 percent consumers confirm that they will pay more for a great customer experience, and 43 percent customer centric companies gained in performance compared to 34 percent decrease for companies who have negated customer experience.

Interact Suite - A Future Perfect Customer Experience & Communication Management Platform
While evaluating customer communication management & customer experience products, enterprises seek an efficient & effective one-stop solution that delivers multiple services through a centralised communication hub. Customer-centric communications are a key requirement across enterprises; however, continuous innovation is the key requirement in today's competitive digital era.
The company Founder & CEO Nisha Sidhwani said, "Trejhara has a powerful vision of continuous innovations in the digital communications & customer experience domain. Interact Suite provides interactive multilingual engagements including Audio Visuals, Analytics and secured link-based communications via Email, SMS and now social media (WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat). We have proven our expertise across industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Utility, NBFCs, Government, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare and more".

Interact Suite: Driving End-to-End Business Transformation
While Interact CX delivers a simplified, personalised and interactive experience across all digital platforms, Interact DX is an advanced customer communication management hub that consolidates data from hybrid legacy/core operational systems to provide communications across digital channels such as SMS, Email, Print, WhatsApp and other social media interfaces. Also, Interact AV provides personalised multilingual audio-video communications for advisory, recommendations & marketing, and Interact DM provides best-in-class digital marketing solutions such as personalised real-time alerts & notifications, an effective 360° campaign management solution, personalised marketing videos and social media apps as delivery channels (WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat).

Interact Suite as a one-stop solution provides a simplified product interface (UI) with a better user experience (UX)

Why Choose Interact Suite?
Interact Suite assists enterprises, by eliminating the requirement of multiple systems/vendor dependencies and optimizes cost as well as turnaround time for customer servicing. It's easy integration across hybrid core operational systems and data sources makes it a unique and best in class proposition.

Interact Suite amplifies digitisation in organisations, thus resulting in 100 percent migration of customer base to digital platforms, up to 20 percent increase in revenue, up to 70 percent reduction in operational costs including print, infrastructure & logistics, up to 6x higher click-through rate via integrated marketing, up to 70 percent conversion from prospects to customers by increasing brand value, 50 percent reduction in turn-around time to resolve customer queries, and scales to millions of customers and terabytes of data.

"A delighted customer is likely to become a loyal customer in the long term, and to act as an ambassador for the brand that is more proactive and even capable of creating value and improving sales," concludes Nisha.