Tecnotree Corporation:Providing Cutting-Edge Digital Touch To Enrich The Customer Experience

CIO Vendor This is the era of digital revolution, and the rising growth of smartphones has changed customer behaviour globally and their expectation from personal and business interactions. Hence, all service providers need to urgently address this rapid change in their operating environment; engage and serve their customers with smart, relevant, and digitally enabled tools and channels. In the new digital age, customers are empowered and looking for more personalized customer experience. Thus, any product released into the market needs to be highly relevant, intuitive and engaging; at the same time, creating a rich and distinctive customer experience. If not, customers are spoilt for choices and can move on to the next service provider.

This makes ‘Customer Centricity’ and building strong ‘Customer Brand Recall’ as the major business objectives of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) while business agility and operational efficiency remain an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. However, the primary challenge is that most of the customer information within any organization is disparate. Subscribers access a company for its service or product through various channels and with data stored in disparate systems, it leads to inconsistent customer experience. Companies are unable to attain complete unification of all the relevant customer data in a timely manner onto a single platform by which they can deliver a single-view and enriched user experience. This leads to increased customer churn.

Tecnotree Corporation, headquartered in Finland, is the only full-stack Digital Business Support Systems (BSS) provider with over 40 years of deep domain knowledge, proven delivery and digital transformation capabilities across the globe. The company believes that in today’s competitive business environment, it is not enough to automate processes and increase efficiency. To stay ahead, CSPs need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, with the growth of digitally savvy customers, expecting more from every transaction, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate on products alone. Customers are demanding a more personalized, serviceoriented approach from the providers with which they do business, and the bar continues to rise to newer levels every day.

Padma Ravichander, the CEO of Tecnotree, describes the three key pillars of Tecnotree’s digital strategy as clear capabilities that will enable CSPs and any Digital Service Provider (DSP) to move away from a time consuming transactional-based model to a rich value-based digital experience:
1. Digital for Business: Creating distinctive customer experience and generating new business value through alternative revenue models.

2. Digital for Technology: Delivering agility in achieving business goals through state-of-theart digital technology with speed and service innovation through a microservice & cloud-enabled architecture and open APIs

3. Digital for Operations: Delivering business insights in operations, guided by business intelligence, advanced analytics and automated self-healing capabilities on a highly available Tecnotree Digital Accelerator Platform (DAP).

Tecnotree embarked on the journey towards a completely transformed and enriched Digital BSS stack with open source and microservices based products as part of their internal portfolio transformation in 2016, and recently in 2019, they unveiled their full Digital BSS Suite 5 stack at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona and at the TM Forum, Nice.

“Our products address today’s challenges with its open stack architecture that fully exploits the capabilities of connected devices to enable digital access and deliver a better customer experience with realtime insights,” adds Padma. She is confident that successful execution of the Tecnotree strategy by any CSP/DSP will generate a value that will not only address the current challenges but also define a path for new revenue models with OTT and IoT partners.

Tecnotree Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager (DCLM) - Strengthens customer engagement by increasing the number of digital interaction points
The cornerstone of Tecnotree’s digital stack is their robust customer experience CRM suite, meeting the rising expectations of digital services and enhancing the customer experiences by adding more digital interaction points. Tecnotree’s Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager (DCLM) product focuses on customer acquisition, customer relationship, and customer value management along with the 360 degree view of the customer. Through this state-of-the-art platform, CSPs can achieve a complete omni-channel experience by allowing the customer to engage with them through any channel of their choice (web, mobile, social media, offline stores, contact centre or chat) and seamlessly switch between channels during an interaction. It delivers consistent and superior experience across channels to the subscriber. The 360 degree view of the customer is available seamlessly across all channels, and the central repository of customer events provide meaningful insights on customer journeys with the capability to help predict churn. The product features multi-play capabilities by enabling the service provider to offer an array of digital service offerings through their Catalog driven Order Manager (Digital Catalog Manager & Digital Order Manager) that has built-in AI and ML capabilities to deliver bundled offerings and other OTT/IoT partner products and services, fuelled by an advanced recommendation engine.

Our products address today’s challenges with its open stack architecture that fully exploits the capabilities of connected devices to enable digital access and deliver a better customer experience with real-time insights.

Staying Abreast of New Technologies
Serving many tier-1 CSPs worldwide, the team of global experts facilitates subscribers with flexible, personalized and enhanced experiences to meet their expectations. With the latest trend of mobility taking over, a comprehensive suite of products has been developed for the markets with heavy smartphone penetration, so that the operator can quickly engage and provide world class services to their subscribers. “We have an orchestration framework and a workflow enabled microservices. Therefore, our ability to launch new services expeditiously and orchestrating workflows automatically to serve customers exist in our technology. What would take several weeks to launch a new service, we can make it happen in hours using our orchestration framework and our microservices architecture,” reveals Padma.

In conjunction with the abovementioned features, Tecnotree’s Digital Partner Relationship Manager (DPRM) offering supports handling of dealers, resellers and point-ofsale operations, including complex dealer hierarchies. Furthermore, DPRM module consists of Incentives and Commissions Management capabilities to boost the sales channel performances.

Global Recognition - with real metrics led performance of DCLM
Serving digital service providers for over four decades, Tecnotree has maintained a leadership position in the telecommunication domain with over 800 million subscribers that the company has catered to across 70 countries for more than 60 service providers. The CRM products handle more than 2.5 million requests per day which are more than 100 requests per millisecond on an average. By deploying its products, DSPs can reduce cost, increase speed, improve the quality and relevancy of information and service provided to the customer, and therefore, reduce the churn. The company has worked with a host of renowned clients globally.

Padma recounts how a leading telecom operator, experiencing close to several thousand incidents per year with their legacy CRM products, has been able to reduce 90 percent of the number of incidents with Tecnotree DCLM at the helm of their CRM. “We also conducted a feedback survey on our DCLM product and our average score was 4.7 on the scale of 5,” adds Padma. Over the years, the team of experts has attained deep global experience of understanding different sizes of CSPs in different geographies and engaging with them to guide through their digital transformation journey.

Having conducted several market studies, Tecnotree understands that the first step of the digital transformation journey of an organization is about achieving data transformation, aggregation, consolidation, accuracy and security of the data leaks. Additionally, the data can further be proved to be more beneficial if it is powered by artificial intelligence and business intelligence which helps make better and personalized recommendations to the customers. This is where open source technologies that Tecnotree has invested in, come into the play in terms of aggregating large pools of information and ensuring that the same data can be successfully and meaningfully manipulated to provide sophisticated data analytics in the products. The company’s digital enterprise business suite harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its product suites to enrich the type of recommendations, the type of offers and the relevancy of information proffered through its product stack.

Striving to Deliver Quality Products
Tecnotree, established in Finland, has grown over the years with the acquisition of top talent and other organizations. The skilled team at Tecnotree consists of extremely knowledgeable personnel with rich domain experience working on cutting-edge technology in the telecommunications sector. The company prides itself on its geographically and strategically dispersed development centers located in Finland, India, The Middle East and Latin America. Some of the development centers are in close proximity to the customers to understand the local market better and ensure that the company is providing relevant products from their full suite of digital BSS products.

Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager (DCLM), Digital Catalog Manager (DCM), Digital Order Manager (DOM), Digital Partner Lifecycle Manager (DPLM), Digital Marketplace (DMP), Digital Business & Operations Dashboard (DBOD), Digital My Life Dashboard (DMLD), Digital Loyalty Manager (DLM), Digital Convergent Billing System (DCBS), Digital Online Charging System (DOCS) are some of the key products in Tecnotree’s flagship Digital BSS Suite 5 stack.

Effortlessly Serving a Broad Spectrum of Customers
Believed to be among the leaders who keep up with the increasing pace of technology advancements, the company is perfectly positioned with the upcoming unraveling of 5G and has geared itself with its Digital BSS 5 Stack to “Empower Digitally Connected Communities” across the globe.