NHANCE NOW: Digital Experience solution for the Digitally Empowered Era

CIO Vendor he very concept of Customer Experience (CX) has undergone a tectonic shift in recent years with rapid advancements in digital technologies. New age business models in ride hailing services, payment applications, food ordering etc have fundamentally changed today’s consumers experience expectations. They now expect the same level of convenience, seamlessness and on demand services from every business, of any size. And businesses across industry segments, left with little choice, are fast tracking transitions to these upgraded experience models, simply to stay relevant for the current generation!

“Today's time-strapped, mobile-addicted, experience hungry and socially hyper active customers are tougher than ever to please. They are digitally empowered like never before, have humongous expectations and expect businesses to respect that sense of empowerment and expectation,” explains Alok Subudhi, Founder and CEO of NHANCE NOW.

Traditional tools and channels are fast becoming obsolete
The biggest challenge facing businesses today is the lack of effective and affordable tools to make a smooth and quick transition. Available tools are either irrelevant or lack features to support the business goals of modern businesses. Additionally the channels used for customer experience delivery are stale with new millennial friendly channels hardly leveraged for last mile experience delivery. Recognizing this as a growing concern, NHANCE NOW, headquartered in Bangalore, has developed a unique Digital Experience solution to help businesses give their current experience models a makeover that makes their business acceptable to the current generation.

"We are bringing a host of innovative features to assist businesses solve current problems but our flagship feature Digital Experience Card or DX Card (a first of its kind in the world) is the one that we are most excited about. And so are our customers," reveals Alok.

DX Card is an elegant mobile friendly, interactive digital card which assists businesses and customers to effectively engage, interact and transact for all post purchase interactions through a single mobile channel, bringing a high level of convenience and ease. A personalised DX Card is created with each purchase and can be accessed by customers on NHANCE NOW’s mobile app.

"DX Card is packed with super powers! It is a one stop experience hub that helps businesses meet the speed, convenience and on-demand experience expectations of modern customers in one go," says Alok.

And for companies to leverage the power of DX Card isn’t a hard task. It’s quick and easy to setup, comes on a pay per use model and is extremely affordable.

Seamless solutionsthat drive a complete CX makeover
NHANCE NOW’s Digital Experience solutions uses a host of modern technologies to offer a truly differentiated customer experience. The seamless and connected use of modern consumer engagement channels like Whatsapp, Alexa enabled devices, PWA, AI powered conversational bots further enhances the end user experience.

“Today Millennials are eternally connected over various new age platforms. So we are replicating this behaviour in how they engage with businesses. They can start an activity on an app,
receive updates on their WhatsApp channel, further engage over an Amazon Echo Dot or use AI conversational chat interfaces to continue conversations with businesses or seek information on the go. It’s super seamless and enables businesses to give their business model the makeover necessary to fit into the millennial lifestyle,” says Alok.

A blend of ML and AI power its Recommendation Engine which provides contextual, personalized and predictive recommendations, on DX Card, at each stage of the consumer's journey. It’s a first of its kind “Virtual Manager Service” which handholds customers through the entire post purchase journey.

“DX Card is a one stop experience hub that helps businesses meet the speed, convenience and on demand experience expectations of modern customers in a one go”

Each DX Card is further empowered by an army of AI Bots (Q&A Bot, Chat Bot, Search Bot, Recommendation Bot) which run 24/7 in the background ensuring that customers are never short of assistance and advice. With Natural Language Processing and Voice inputs these AI Bots provide smart and instant assistance that mirror human-to-human conversational patterns.

A variety of APIs helps businesses interlink their entire post purchase channels to cross leverage and further enhance the output of each post purchase channel. This helps businesses get a 360 view of consumer behaviour and predict customer’s needs and curate the last mile experience.

And all the while the system through its machine learning tool is capturing vast amount of “user intelligence” to offer explosive consumer insights that can offer anunparalleled level of personalisation.

“ Imagine a world where your customers buy a product or service, receive a DX card for it and then the DX Card simply takes over the product journey. It advices customers on the things they need to do to get started, suggests the right care plan for their product, pops up with timely tips, displays complimentary add-on products for purchases, offers instant self-service videos for assistance and training, surprises with exchange offers and even helps with recycling products. And everything over a single touch point. This is an experience that’s unheard of and something we believe the digital generation deserves,” says Alok.

Businesses, cutting across, industry segments are using NHANCE NOW’s digital experience solution to vastly improve the customer engagement, increase loyalty, boost lifetime value and turbo charge growth.

“While previously businesses used a variety of solutions to improve backend operational efficiency, our solutions helps them to address both customer and business expectations over a single solution,” says Alok.

The team at NHANCE NOW is now focussed on expanding their offerings to further help businesses simplify the messy world of customer experience which remains a puzzle that’s needs to be continually solved.