Decisive Analytical Systems :Intelligent Real-time CEM Platform Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

CIO Vendor The CEM market is undergoing a revolutionary change in India as every business seeks to offer better customer experience with the delivery of relevant content. However, what forges a strong foundation for a great CEM lies in its analytical capabilities that help gain powerful insights. This is precisely what companies aiming to deliver contextual information and engaging customer experience need to realize. Data-driven Customer Experience enables enterprises to better target its audience and optimize the retention rate of specific customers while simultaneously delivering context and consistency across a myriad of channels. To achieve this, however, people, data, processes and technology across organizations need to be in perfect alignment. Rising up to the challenge is Bangalore headquartered Decisive Analytical Systems with its unique and robust real-time customer engagement platform, Plumb5.

The platform has been designed and developed to assist businesses in engaging with their customer contextually, resulting in better customer experience, and in turn improving customer and revenue conversions. “The strategy at DAS is to deliver a comprehensive endto-end CEM solution that spans across data collection to real-time data processing to state based automation,” says Vijay Chander, CEO at Decisive Analytical Systems. The platform has been engineered for close looping customer experience, which is critical in delivering contextual personalized messages. In parallel with trending technologies, the platform is embedded with machine learning techniques that assist in learning customer patterns in real-time which makes predictions and recommendations work in real-time. “Plumb5 can be differentiated from other similar solutions in the way it organizes data internally(customer-centric); its custom real-time machine learning pipelines for detecting behavioural states; and contextual tags along with statebased automation for autonomous customer engagement,” reveals Vijay.

“The strategy at DAS is to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end CEM solution that spans across data collection to real-time data processing to state based automation”

Designed for causal analytics in order to deliver highly accurate outputs, the team at DAS have worked towards successfully extracting multiple topical hierarchies from a myriad of customer data sources covering a span of 200 use cases. Delving deeper into the modus operandi, Vijay explains how his team of domain and industry experts seamlessly integrated multiple hierarchies into a single topical structure by leveraging the Similarity Network Fusion (SNF) technique, thereby mirroring a unified network. Since the foundation is based on topics, it is easier to scale and find relationships across the entire data network. In the event of the occurrence of new data attributes, it could either be added under an existing topic or one can add a new topic defining the relationship with an existing topic.

Founded in 2013, the company has worked with a large base of renowned customers and continues to work with a host of customers hailing from a broad range of verticals such as BFSI, retail, FMCG, real estate and education, with a commitment to meet every unique requirement. Having already made massive contributions to the market, the company envisages expanding its reach across different geographies and focusing on partner outreach to ensure maximum coverage and strong customer success.