InSeon: Powering Better Customer Conversion, Retention & Growth Through Improved Customer Experience

With continually changing customer expectations and better-informed customers, Customer Experience Management(CEM) solutions are increasingly becoming a powerful tool to grow one’s business. The solution can be leveraged to understand the customer needs better, resolve the issues quickly and cross-sell more efficiently. Adopting such a powerful system comes with its own set of challenges. Exponential growth in data traffic, increasing network complexity and the permeation of connected devices are some of the vulnerabilities currently being faced. Vendors with their lack of knowledge are competing against each other to address these challenges by focusing on each of the client’s business metrics and offering their suite of solutions. Breaking these set moulds, Bangalore located InSeon offers their proprietary model Product Quality Index (PQI) that performs a root cause analysis and first evaluates whether the core offering itself resonates with the user’s needs. “If your core offering is not in level with the customer’s needs, then whatever you do around experience is not going to matter. You need to be at a certain level with your core offerings before you start focusing on experience,” reveals Manu Gupta, CEO of InSeon.

Every experience is a multi-faceted journey where one needs to concentrate on the several drivers that have a profound impact on the customer services. Every customer has a different touch point to each department which forms information silos. The team with their technical prowess attains the required data and maps the customer's journey based on their interaction with each platform and also looks at the internaloperations metrics. Based on the aforementioned two
data points, InSeon Consulting helps the client identify the perfect mix of customer surveys and operational metrics and offers a holistic view of the workings of each unit. The company assists in identifying the experience pain points of the customers and quantify its impact on top line and customer retention. All this is achieved through the innovative and robust product SenCex that has been engineered to perform as a standalone software or integrate with existing systems.

Most of companies do not realize that customer experience is a function of product and service quality. The key to improving customer experience is to know which of these parameters to focus on and when

InSeon offers unparalleled products and services that are custom designed to suit the needs of organizations across the offline and online space, striving to improve customer experience. Yet another of the company’s novel offerings is InSeon Analytics that utilizes advanced statistical tools and techniques that help organizations perfectly understand customer behavior, its impact on business objectives and how to better optimize resources to achieve maximum return on investment from the CEM program.

Firmly believing that this domain has greater potential that will unravel itself in the future, the team is currently working on developing a few products on bench marking that will assist the customer in making a better-informed decision and is scheduled for a launch in the next four months. InSeon has geared themselves to achieve a leading position in this sector and to deliver superior customer experience.