EaziPoints: Helping Merchants Delight their Customers throughout the Purchase Cycle

Nithya Ananth Rajagopal, CEO
Standing on the edge of an information flood, the customer engagement market is particularly challenged as their target customers today have access to too many communication mediums and information to learn about the stores, product, and services. Chances of the message that businesses are trying to push through getting lost in the sea of information are high. Additionally, with many communication channels, business’s activities tend to be on the radar all the time. Hence, to stay at the top of the game and deliver top-notch customer experience, businesses end up investing in promotion heavy and short team engagement software platforms.

EaziPoints, an innovative customer engagement platform, works with the mantra of rewarding the customers at every step of the engagement, enabling merchants to establish a lasting relationship with customers. “Our key target is providing best-in-class customer experience platform to the small & medium businesses by connecting them more closely to their customers. Our platform helps the merchants acquire and retain customers, receive feedback and reduce the operational cost. In short, EaziPoints helps businesses increase the top line,” says Nithya Ananth Rajagopal, CEO, EaziPoints.

As mentioned by the CEO above, EaziPoints assists businesses through four key areas - Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Feedbacks & Analytics and Operation Costs. Customer acquisition and retention are driven by the EaziPoints merchant app, signing-up with which facilitates merchants with high visibility across customers, helping them penetrate into the market. Once, the purchase has been made, EaziPoints merchant platform rewards customers with points, coupons and a personalized message expressing gratitude.
Customer, on the other side, is provided with a free mobile app, which features current offers, product price, offered by various merchants. The customer mobile app has again been integrated with social media networks which allow them to share coupons earned on purchases to social media and earn additional points. Nithya Ananth adds, “Each customer can become a brand ambassador to promote the store.” On top of this, merchants and customers can also connect directly with new campaigns, deals and more. Moreover, automatic alerts on stores/deals based on geolocation, customer appreciation, and membership keep the customer-merchant relationship interesting and engaging.

Our platform helps the merchants acquire and retain customers, receive feedback and reduce the operational cost

Further, with the scope for feedback and application of smart analytics, merchants are empowered to serve customers better and connect with customers on a personal level. Powered by the advanced database, modern analytical software and cloud-based algorithms, merchants are provisioned with insights into each of their customers’ buying pattern which helps them formulate sales strategies which are then personalized and delivered to customers via EaziPoints mobile app, e-mail, and SMS. EaziPoints has also been integrated with several mission-critical solutions such as product and inventory management, point-of sale systems, appointment scheduler, and employee management that keep operational costs low.

The platform is also laden with other features like customer database on the merchant's side, ‘refer a friend’, invoicing on the customer’s side and more. With best-in class tools and technologies specifically designed for the SMBs, the platform ensures businesses with a competitive edge. The Chennai based firm will continue innovating software tools and strategies to enable day-to-day business operations.