ChannelKonnect: Empowering Organizations with End-to-end Channel Management

Basaveswarlu Boyapati, Founder& CEO
ChannelKonnect is an extended enterprise solution that facilitates brands and its channel partners to collaborate and work intelligently based on channel data analytics. Basaveswarlu Boyapati, Founder & CEO of NowApps says, “While popular ERPs systems like SAP, Oracle very well manage the operations within the enterprise, it has been a challenge for every company to manage its operations outside the enterprise. Brands lose visibility of their products the moment they leave their warehouses. The struggle is to know what is actually selling and when so as to produce the right product and avoid non-moving product pile up or stock out situations, both of which can result in loss of sales.” He continues, “ChannelKonnect is a platform that can help Brands connect with multiple layers of distribution channels and we are sure this will result in mobilizing cash which is stuck at various points of the downstream supply chain.”

Unique Value Proposition:
Solving the problem with a three pronged approach:
1) by leveraging the existing infrastructure of the channel partner. Channel Partner continues to use his existing software. The intelligent data extracting plug-ins will transfer sales and stock data on a real-time basis without any manual intervention.
2) Channelkonnect as an online DMS for managing GST compliant Invoicing, Inventory Management,
and Accounting.
3) A simple Sales Update Form on Mobile/Web Portal for updating the daily Sales and Closing Stock.

ChannelKonnect is a ready to use software which helps brands and its channel partners manage their working capital effectively by
ensuring availability of right stocks at the right place in right time, and minimizes the risk of lost sales. It connects every point of the supply chain, right from its warehouses, distributors, dealers, retailers to end customers and empowers the brand in building customer loyalty.

It helps brands to run various kinds of loyalty programs for their channel partners and simplifies the process of qualification, verification and delivery of gifts/incentives, ensuring that motivation levels are high at all times.

Its Influencer konnect module gives brands the power to engage with influencers for eg. painters for paint businesses, carpenters for furnishing businesses, plumbers for building materials etc. and run loyalty programs to encourage them in becoming brand advocates.

Its mobile app based Field Force module enables the sales team to work smarter, be it marking attendance or booking an order for self or on behalf of the channel, which can be done on the move. Its performance cards feature helps to monitor one’s own performance and alsotrack the reporting members’ performance in real time.

Outlining the benefits of ChannelKonnect, Nitin Shankar, COO, NowApps Technologies, elaborates, “ChannelKonnect as a platform is built to address the growing needs for visibility in any organization. Instead of having different solutions for different needs and going through the challenge of integrating between multiple platforms, a brand can have just one application to manage all their channel management needs and ChannelKonnect as a platform provides just that.”

Having catered to 40+ brands in a wide range of industry verticals including FMCG, Apparel, Footwear, Home Furnishings, Consumer Durables, Automotive, Agro, IT Electronics etc. in a span of three years, NowApps Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the Channel Management domain. Leveraging this expertise, the company has already made headway into the secondary level of any channel and are focused on taking things further to the retail level with new modules within the same platform in the coming future.