Audetemi: Instilling Intelligence and Mobility into Enterprise Applications

Ashish Joshi, Co-Founder& CEO
Imagine it is 7 am and one of the coolers in your data center has malfunctioned. As a result, the temperature shot up, knocking out the servers. The phone lines at work are now jammed with hoards of customers calling you, screaming for help. Would you want to go back to work at 10 am and discover the situation then? What if, the servers send a notification to your mobile saying,‘I am hot.’ Simultaneously, using the central system, the server also creates a case automatically which will go to tech support team. By the time you wake up and read the notification and act upon it, the technician says he is on his way to the data center to fix the issue.

An example of engagement excellence, this is exactly what Pune based Audetemi Inc. strives to deliver to its enterprise clients. “We make it proactive. We enable clients to reach out to the consumers and employees from wherever they are using their smartphones. We provide an experience that doesn't force a customer to act and whereby clients can reach out to customers and initiate the action automatically,” says Ashish Joshi, Co-Founder and CEO, Audetemi Inc. Enabling enterprises to leverage the ‘anytime-anywhere’ power of mobile devices, Audetemi has developed a unique platform which facilitates them with prebuilt enterprise applications. Be it a sales or a customer service application, with Audetemi, all you need to do is take the module and embed it into your enterprise application. Specifically built keeping the core requirements of the enterprise users in mind, the Audetemi platform satiates the need for localization, NLP, offline availability of remote data, interfaces for field employees along with real-time route map and tracker and much more.

Audetemi focuses on channel-driven industries where sales and service processes are largely managed by channel partners. The
partner-led nature of these businesses makes it essential for such industries to ensure that information as well as business processes and applications are accessible for partner employees. The subscription based pre-built enterprise apps from Audetemi are specially designed for smart phones and tablets to manage sales and service business processes. Best, these are pre-configured to industry needs, come pre-integrated with common enterprise platforms, and are verticalized. Audetemi thus helps the industries focus on their core business, and takes the complexities of digital transformation away by providing a cloud-based solution.

Enabling enterprises to leverage the ‘anytime-anywhere’ power of mobile devices, Audetemi has developed a unique platform which facilitates them with prebuilt enterprise applications

Further, it is commonly seen that most web applications fail to perform to their full potential when accessed through mobile devices. Besides, custom building a mobile application from scratch is an expensive and time consuming task. Herein Audetemi’s Simple Service application bridges the gap for connectivity with leading enterprise customer engagement applications from Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Service Now and others. Once connected, one can access data from the enterprise ecosystem easily through the app – Snap Help, a prebuilt mobile application that embeds smartphone features into enterprise customer engagement system via the cloud for enhanced support. Ashish Joshi further explains, “Instead of a conventional email to the HR, what if there was an app for filing a claim where you automatically find some responses stating further course of actions. Then it basically prompts you through the steps and launches the app on your mobile. That's exactly what SnapHelp does.” The market can soon expect to see a plethora of the firm’s solutions powered with predictive capabilities that will enable the applications to promptly take actions on part of the user.