Pinnacle Digital Analytics - Leveraging Real-Time Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience and Data

CIO Vendor The global Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Analytics market is estimated to grow from USD 5.06 Billion in 2016 to USD 13.18 Billion by 2021. The major driving factors of this growth include increasing need to manage customer experience throughout the customer journey, need of retaining customers, competitive differentiation, and monetizing phenomenal growth of data traffic. Major challenges encountered by operators are opportunities for revenue enhancement, strategic planning for optimized investment and delivery of distinct customer experience. Operators are looking for a data network analytics solution that is smart, innovative and enables them for quicker reactions on a real-time basis. Pinnacle has incorporated this capability into their product Specta in order to help operators respond to market dynamics quickly.

To meet the challenges of delivering superior customer experiences, organizations need to offer 360 degree insights rather than providing a particular dimension for a customer. Since the emergence of 4G, visibility of customer experience and usages across devices, locations, application, content enables operators to deliver definite and accurate customer experiences in a pro-active manner.

A good customer experience ecosystem encompasses of individualized insights, connected interactions and an agile approach to meet customers in the channel of their choosing. Pinnacle Digital’s product Specta is a network and customer analytics platform that blends the CEM ecosystem in an elegant and agile manner. The platform doesn’t only offer individualized insights but also connects them with other elements like devices, contents, locations, time of the day and other relevant applications.
“We also offer user segmentations based on browsing habits, application preferences and many others attributes for operators to leverage these insights for their marketing campaign,” explains Shankar Halder, Co-founder and CEO, Pinnacle.

Pinnacle considers the power of real-time analytics to be one of its differentiating factors. Its use cases and instantaneous visibility of customer activity enables operators to monetize data growth, empower contextual marketing and resolve customer queries with informed data sets for high quality customer experience. In addition to developing operationally excellent, results-driven, customer experience initiatives, Pinnacle has deployed latest technologies such as machine learning, advanced algorithms into their product Specta, to stay ahead of the curve through innovation and technology leadership..

Pinnacle Digital’s product Specta is a network and customer analytics platform that blends the CEM ecosystem in an elegant and agile manner

Pinnacle also has analytics feature sets for strategic planning and data network. Elaborating on this, Shankar says, “We have very powerful feature for strategic network planning for data network. Conventional techniques were sufficient for voice dominated network but major shift towards data network demands very different data points for precise network planning for higher returns on investment. This is becoming increasingly important as data traffic growth demands huge investment and operators have serious challenge of optimizing their network investment to cope with this data traffic growth.”