Knowience Insights - Enabling Organisations Make Informed Decisions

CIO Vendor Today, the mantra for acquiring critical insights and continuous customer engagement, comes in the form of CEM solutions. Organisations in India too are opening up to the new found opportunities that CEM solutions have in store. And this is not just from enterprises- but from all classes of customers.

Hyderabad based Knowience Insights Pvt Ltd intends to be a leader in the CEM market by enabling insights into various aspects of one’s business – employee engagement, customer acquisition, sales revenue, brand salience, profitability and growth. The Co- Founder and COO of Knowience Insights, Dasarath Ram says, “It is our earnest belief that gathering critical insights on a continuous basis – at various stages of customer journey - is the key success factor for any organisation. This is the only way to make informed decisions. Alongside, it also strengthens the engagement with the stakeholders - as one is formulating and changing or refining the plans according to the needs and requirements of people who are critical for the success of the organisation.”

Knowience provides to its clients and is among the numerous branding opportunities that are offered through Surveys and Polls

The founders of Knowience bring to the table their long and rich experience of managing businesses in senior management positions. This experience is what contributes to the process based enablement for organisations in implementing CEM products and solutions. Thus creating a clear distinction in the market– through their SaaS based Insigh to Surveys and Polls platform.

Satisfaction and perception surveys are among the unique services that Knowience Insights provides. Giving an insight into this space, Dasarath Ram says that Knowience has been providing such insight gathering solutions to clients across India and abroad. He reveals that clients have availed them to gain insights into several areas - such as customer satisfaction, employee happiness and extending even to shareholder satisfaction and beyond. Ram adds, “Infact one of our clients has done this exercise as part of their Corporate Governance and got Global recognition as a result of their shareholder satisfaction survey.”

The customised branded survey end page is yet another unique feature that Knowience provides to its clients and is among the numerous branding opportunities that are offered through Surveys and Polls. Ram tells us that the entire page is customisable and the team at Knowience works closely with the client to develop the page according to their requirements. Apart from this, to get valid, dependable and reliable insights, stakeholders could be reached wherever they are – in the field or at the office through various methods – from the conventional Email to the con¬temporary Whatsapp, Chatbot and other Messengers.

“CEM solutions today need to go deeper into the business processes. The depth of understanding also acts as the primary criteria that clients and organisations look for in the CEM providers,” opines Dasarath Ram. When asked about what the future holds for Knowience, Ram amiably concludes saying, “We see ourselves as a true stakeholder-insights generation and engagement enabler to organisations worldwide, by providing simple yet smart process based solutions in their internal and external customers’ experience management.”