IQturf Consulting Services - Unleashing Analytical Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

CIO Vendor In the present digital era, omni-channels unlocks multiple perspectives for customers touch points in the realm of business. In order to perceive customer preferences and to produce supreme customer experience, enterprises need to optimize seamless collection of data across customer journey. For addressing emerging data analytical needs, they require an innovative partner who can offer integrated suite of analytical solutions to enhance customer experience. In such a context, Mumbai headquartered IQturf Consulting Services, an analytics- driven high impact growth solution provider, brings out analytical solutions to ameliorate customer experience across customer lifecycle in demand generation, customer retention, revenue enhancement. “Being an analytics algorithm driven high impact growth firm, we provide integrated suite of analytical accelerators for value chain optimization to medium and large sized companies and ecommerce users to enhance their customer ecosystem by covering multiple touch points,” expresses Maheswaran Mahalingam, Advisor of IQturf Consulting Services. It offers a portfolio of analytical solutions that are named as iMarqE, MobizScore and SentyIQ in addition to Channel Management and CEM services etc. The company succors its clients in cross-selling as well as upselling opportunities for BFSI, Telecom Retail and Healthcare enterprises.

IQTurf provides its proprietary tool named SentyIQ to address data analytical needs of omni-channels. The company believes that Chats, Exit Survey on Incoming or Outgoing Calls and VOC Surveys of clients are valuable feedback to improve customer experience. Therefore, with SentyIQ, it provides a ready to deploy framework for harnessing big data technologies to examine the hidden trends on these touch points.
SentyIQ is an enabler which can seamlessly interact with customer voices. It is supported by predictive scoring algorithm to estimate customer life time value (CLTV). This scoring engine helps to rank order customers for cross-sell and up sell opportunities while focusing on better customer retention.

While taking its CEM services into account, IQturf offers disruptive analytics to explore dynamics of CEM. It supplies regular CSAT with a DISSAT Score which can provide an additional dimension to customer experience. In addition, the issues are analytically clustered and segmented to address key challenges impacting a segment of customer profile. This is how IQturf enables its clients to focus on remedial measures for enhancing customer experience.

IQturf Consulting Services brings out analytical solutions to ameliorate customer experience across customer lifecycle in demand generation, customer retention, revenue enhancement

Indeed, IQturf's predicting models are aimed at bringing in Sales Improvement and Incremental Revenue, improving Marketing Campaign Effectiveness, enhancing Operational Efficiency and refining Customer Connect. Its scoring engines provide CLTV (customer lifetime value) with propensity scoring at product level. This CLTV scoring enables clients to address their customers at appropriate life cycle maturity.
IQturf plans to release beta version, a customer-centric platform, to address lifetime value analytics for customer empowerment. “We aim to witness significant gains in our initiatives in mobility solutions across customer experience ecosystem. We are expanding offerings to IoT and Advanced Analytics with Self Service Support for masses,” signs off Maheswaran Mahalingam.