Enhancier Cx Solutions - Spearheading the Customer Experience Market with a Unified Customer Lifecyc

CIO Vendor Businesses have evolved and so has the consumer, today we have a more informed consumer with huge number of product choice to make from. The tech space is constantly expanding with connectivity improving across both rural as well as the urban geo. Business houses today need cutting edge technology to remain relevant in this race. Customer was, is and will always remain the king. This has gained more relevance today, when we are constantly bombarded with a plethora of products and services with almost identical features and all working in silos.

A major differentiator that enterprises can leverage to gain a competitive edge in the market is an enhanced customer experience. And indeed, the experience a customer gains through the interaction with an enterprise is the driving factor that determines the success of that enterprise. Thankfully, industry honchos are starting to recognize the critical role that customer experience plays and hence we now see that organisations that didn't even have a customer experience strategy are today thinking about it.

With the proliferation of different customer engagement solutions that promise to manage different aspects of customer relationship, enterprises are compelled to pick a hoard of different products to meet the same goal of an enhanced customer experience. Pune based, Enhancier Cx is transforming this domain with a unique product. Adura, Enhancier’s flagship product, is a unified customer lifecycle management tool that eliminates the need for standalone products such as Service CRM, Sales CRM, order management e-mail response management, ticketing, telephony, chat, Social CRM products and more.

Delineating on the firm’s approach to designing this solution, the Co-founder of Enhancier Cx, Tiju Andrews says, “Enhancier has come into this market with the sole objective of enabling CEOs and business leaders to take appropriate business decision using a technology platform.
Every end customer today, when they interact with a business, expects business houses to have in-depth knowledge about his journey with the business house. The customer may choose one or multiple channels for interaction but Adura provides business houses a unified history of each customer's journey.”

Adura, Enhancier’s flagship product, is a unified customer lifecycle management tool that eliminates the need for standalone products

Citing an example, he further explains, “A customer service representative receives a call from a customer, the customer might have previously interacted with the business via e-mail, or may have placed an order sometime on a web portal. Now, while communicating, he could be talking about something that happened yesterday, or last month. While the executive is interacting with the customer, he should have all the information possible, Adura truly makes it happen by making available order history, ticket history, interaction history etc.”

Adura is equipped with a sales module, email response module, order fulfilment module, customer service module, retention module and more. Our clients can either choose to only go for single/multiple modules or even opt for the entire suite. There is absolutely no requirement for any additional software application or hardware to manage a customer's journey right from start in case you are on Adura.

With the vision for Enhancier to grow ten folds in the next 3 years, Tiju Andrews asserts that Adura is a futuristic and feature rich product offered on a SaaS subscription model that will enable business houses to take the lead in both customer experience as well as customer engagement.