QuestionPro- Accomplishing Online Survey Software for Mapping Customer Experience

CIO Vendor In today’s enterprise world, Customer Experience Management takes into heavy consideration the aspects of service quality management and performance management. Moreover, today’s customers are paying special attention to how quickly the service is provided, and the time taken to resolve issues after voicing the concerns. This builds a performance pressure, leading to the firms facing problems in solving customer queries in a timely manner. Penetrating the customer queries, QuestionPro, a research firm headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, with Indian headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra has created an intelligent solution that tracks the journey of issue solving- right from the query reporting till the moment query is addressed and complication is eliminated.

QuestionPro caters a Detractor Recovery program that enables recovery process with configurable rules and targeted alerts

“Our Customer Experience (CX) software times the resolution of queries and automatically escalates the situation if the issue is not resolved in set amount of time, typically 48 to 72 hours.” tells Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO, QuestionPro. Being the first companies to introduce the QuestionPro Offline App for conducting Offline/Online Surveys,
the firm ensures customer issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner, hence creating visibility and accountability throughout the organization.

Customer Intelligence for Better Analytics
QuestionPro equips clients with a feature for Customer Profiling, an automated way to gather unsolicited customer intelligence. The feature helps improve service levels and drive loyalty by prioritizing follow-up activities with dissatisfied customers. Moreover, QuestionPro designs various levels of Real Time Dashboards for helping clients understand Net Promoter Score for a survey, an index gauging customer's overall satisfaction with a company's service and loyalty to the brand. With the Insights gained from customer feedback, the firm allows clients to recognize the areas of primary focus and make executive decisions to ultimately improve profitability and customer growth.

In order to help businesses manage Social Media reputation, QuestionPro brings to the table “Promoter Amplification”, a software that encourages positive referrals from the most satisfied customers and customizes the sharing options to the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and Yelp. Additionally, for resolving issues of dissatisfied customers, or detractors in NPS language QuestionPro caters a Detractor Recovery program that enables recovery process with configurable rules and targeted alerts. Detractor Recovery also keeps track of the time taken to resolve the issues and automatically escalates issues if they are not resolved in a defined amount of time.

QuestionPro has been associated with more than 3000 Universities across the Globe and is empowering Research carried out on the Academic Forefront since inception. The firm, in partnership with Nasscom has actively empowered several Startups in India with CRM integrated Insights Platform. The firm is currently working on designing an Employee Engagement Platform to aid companies understand organization's health and better engage employees. The innovative solution is expected to hit the markets in the near future.