Interactcrm- Assisting Enterprises to Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

CIO Vendor A recent research by Monetate states that 94 percent of marketers agree that ‘personalization of the digital experience is critical to current and future successes’. With a rise in importance of personalizing customer experience, the differentiator will be how effective companies are at leveraging different data streams like VoC data to recognize and respond to the needs of visitors. Headquartered in Mumbai, Interactcrm proffers ICX (Interactcrm Customer Experience Platform) an Omni channel Customer Experience Platform with the intent to give clients a differentiating factor. The multi tenanted web based solution allows clients to interact with their customers via Voice, Email, Web chat, SMS and Twitter- consistently and seamlessly.

ICX supports SIP and can integrate via a SIP trunk with any cloud PBX solution

ICX personalizes and routes all interactions so as to drive a flawless customer experience. Furthermore, ICX supports callback functionality so that callers don’t have to wait on hold. The system preserves their position in queue and calls them back at the right time. This functionality is also extended to include web and SMS callback requests. Hosting an array of solutions that are cloud ready, ICX is no exception. And the fact that the solution can be deployed
both on-premise or as a hosted deployment provides the client with best of both the worlds. “For Cloud Telephony deployments, ICX supports SIP and can integrate via a SIP trunk with any cloud PBX solution. The product has a SIP ACD and also supports add on functions like IVR and call recording,” says Snehal Patel, CEO Interactcrm.

Flexible Integration for Exceptional Results
Interactcrm has designed the ICX architecture emphasizing on integration thus enabling the platform to singular itself from its peers in the market. “One of the key differentiators of ICX is its flexibility when it comes to integration with third party products. A strong API layer has been created to facilitate integrations. ICX has connectors for Salesforce, Oracle eBusiness, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and a host of other CRM desktop products. With an API approach the product is able to co-exist with homegrown applications and provide unified solutions in complex environments,” comments Snehal. Supporting mobile chat, where the product enables customers to chat with agents using mobile phone, ICX supports mobile integration in multiple ways. For instance, SMS and Twitter are pre integrated as communication channels. Similarly, Callbacks can be initiated from within a mobile app that further facilitates customers to use Smartphones across all channels while using the communication mode of their choice.

Partnering with Avaya for over a decade now, Interactcrm solutions’ are tightly integrated with the Avaya telephony infrastructure. This allows ICX to be deployed seamlessly into any Avaya Customer environment. Endeavoring to constantly add new features into the ICX platform, Interactcrm has been diligently working towards implementing cutting edge attributes to its chat interface. The company is currently working towards fulfilling its promise to their clients of adding a video-as-a-channel feature, while working on more API driven functionality including a mobile API. “It is all about driving Customer Experience and that is our sole focus when we build products” concludes Snehal.