Inquirly- Aiding Businesses Actualize Robust Customer Satisfaction across Omni-Channel

CIO Vendor India is a unique market of 1.25 billion consumers, a number that catapults the country to be the second largest consumer market in the world. A unique environment poised for economic and retail growth, the Indian consumer market today is moving with pace towards the omnichannel way of life. Actively taking part in this furor is Bengaluruheadquartered, Inquirly. Deftly combining technology with data driven expertise, the company has perfected a ‘we do it for you’ model that empowers businesses to build relationships that drive customer satisfaction. Inquirly thus aids clients to increase revenues while managing the client’s Sales and Marketing efforts on various digital channels, as well as automating their existing workflows.

Inquirly aims to empower thousands of entrepreneurs to start their own Digital Agencies that serve local businesses

“We are Software with a Service company focusing on assisting businesses to attract new customers, retain existing ones and further improving operations by optimizing and automating workflows. A dedicated team of Marketing experts make this happen by harnessing the full potential of Online, Social, Mobileand Nearby solutions. This allows us to function as the extended Marketing and Customer Care team of our clients,” says Anjan Choudhary, CEO and Founder.
Catering to a Mobile-First World
Powershare, the App version of the company’s solution, facilitates businesses to manage their customer-engagement activities across various mediums. The alert features enable the business to respond quickly to consumer feedbacks. By integrating a Task management pipeline, Inquirly also enables faster turnaround times on deliverables and quicker actions on leads. Services like alerting customer of order status are obviously, built into the system. Similarly, The Inquirly café Tablet Appen able businesses to create and deploy order taking catalogs. With features like real time inventory sync, new-order alert and offline sync, the potential is endless. Feedback collection is also automated and even augmented with real-time alerts to contain negative customer experiences. Since the business operates on a Software-with-a-service model, Inquirly is able to leverage its technology backbone to deliver high-powered creative and marketing services to business. These include one-way and 2-way campaigns on various mediums and also include often-ignored aspects like AB Testing, measurement and targeting. Adopting Multi Tenant structure and Role Based access controls, the platform allocates permissions based on the roles of users. Furthermore, all information received by Inquirly, from order details to leads to Social media analytics is sliced and diced and presented to business leaders in the form of actionable insights.

Having aligned their activities with the Startup India Movement, Inquirly aims to empower thousands of entrepreneurs to start their own Digital Agencies that serve local businesses. They also anticipate that at its scale, Inquirly can enable the skill India program and lead to direct employment of up-to 3000 Digital Marketing Experts. Currently working on automating Customer Support services through a combination of BOTS and NLP, Inquirly is also working to improve customer engagement by delving deep into AugmentedReality. With an unwavering focus on Analytics, Automated AB testing of campaigns and Predictive marketing, Inquirly intends to be a market leader in the Industry.