B2X: Resolving Clients’ Consumer Issues with After Sales Customer Care Solutions

CIO Vendor Just 10 Years ago, the term Customer Experience Management (CEM) didn’t even register according to Google trends. Yet Gartner predicts that by 2017, 50 percent of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovation. And research firm MarketsandMarkets states that CEM will be worth $8.39 Billion by 2019. The challenge, of course, is to intelligently prioritize these investments. Talking about intelligently prioritizing investments, B2X, headquartered in Munich, Germany with Indian headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra is committed towards bringing value to those investments in their very own strategy. B2X is a technology company providing customer care services for mobile devices and other consumer electronics to manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and retailers.

B2X Smartcare Technology enables real-time monitoring of operational information and drill-down analytics identifying target deviations

B2X’s Smart Service Platform facilitates end-to-end customer care solutions for mobiles and consumer electronics at a global level. This delivery platform supports customers from the moment they receive a device to the instant they encounter a fault, and all the way through
the logistics and repair process. B2X SMARTAPP, a core part of the B2X Smart Service Platform, presents an on-device service & support solution that can be easily customized and integrated into existing online solutions of OEMs, insurance providers, carriers and retailers of smartphone devices. In a country like India, where culture is all about building valuable personal relationships, consumers too look for a personal or a human counterpart to talk to regarding the failures in their devices. B2X SMARTBAR offerspersonalized support& service for warranty and out-of-warranty transactions including the sales of devices and accessories. Also, SMARTBAR is customizable to either mono brand or multi brand stores.

As a core part of the B2X Smart Service Platform,B2X Smartcare Technology enables real-time monitoring of operational information and drill-down analytics identifying target deviations. “It maintains management of all the financial flows in the form of respective documents required for customer billing.Everything is supported by reporting to a database so that the central team is aware of what is happening out there in the field,” says Max Grabmayr, CEO, B2X India.

Understanding and reverting instantly to the short but sometimes silly queries is one of the key disciplines any customer experience effort needs to embrace.B2X SMARTWEB is an online web solution meant to help customers resolve device issues on their own-in no time, without having to visit a service centre or dial a call centre. Enabled by dynamic support content and complemented by real-time chat to respond to more advanced support queries, SMARTWEB ensures a superior online self-service experience to customers.
Growing strong with each passing year in understanding the service process, B2X intends to digitalize more and move to the online segment by leveraging complete integration of multiple online streams of data. With customers amongst manufacturers, insurance providers and carriers in more than 100 countries across the world, B2X will stick to work towards enhancing the way customers resolve their problems to a whole new level.